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5 Steps to Help Repair Your Business Credit

When customers make late payments, your accounts payable department will inevitably be backed up. How do you make things right now that your company's credit reports have already been harmed? How do you fix and rebuild your business credit?

There are strategies you may use internally to address business credit issues and help the creation of strong credit profiles.

Make prompt payments

As you work to rebuild your credit, make it a practice to pay at least on time. The firm credit bureaus really enjoy that and will reflect it in your ratings if you pay in advance, which is even better. In order to mend the connection, you might also try to make up any past-due payments to past-due vendor accounts in this phase.

Reduce your debt

Maintaining a low level of revolving debt is crucial for both your credit and your stability. The best course of action is to keep your debt-to-income ratio as low as you can while your business's credit is being repaired, even though you shouldn't completely avoid credit cards.

Add new vendor accounts

Establishing new accounts and keeping them up to par are great strategies to develop credit, even though it may be difficult to find suppliers who report information to corporate credit bureaus.

Before extending terms of payment, check references

Let's go back to how you first found yourself in this predicament. Your ability to pay vendors on time was negatively impacted by your clients' late payments. You should wait before proposing payment terms up front, even though you don't want to turn away customers. Many companies insist that new customers pay in full at the time of purchase rather than extending terms.

Maintaining a separation between personal and business accounts

Maintaining a separation between personal and business accounts is necessary for the development of business credit. If you have a history of combining your personal and business expenses, it's time to quit.

Business credit repair is not an easy procedure. Many businesses seek assistance from professionals in the business credit sector. You can reach out to us to assist you with your business credit at

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